The name CenEka is a wink to all platforms at Ghent University refering to the old Roman history: Athena, Centauro, Ufora and the former Minerva: with C for Computer Science Engineering and E for Electrical Engineering. We strive to unify all engineering student with an interest in electronics, IT and all digital trends like AI, machine learning and deep learning by organising both formal and informal events. Check our events page and we look forward to meet you soon!

Ceneka board members


CenEka founded by Killian De Smedt and Matthias De Maré

An increasing absence of company visits by students resulted in the foundation of the association CenEka. A small group of students founded CenEka in a bar.

recognition by Ghent University

CenEka was officially recognised as the official association for computer science and electrical engineers by the UGhent in 2008. With Valerie Taerwe as first female president, CenEka started its second academic year.

First lustrum year

In the academic year 2012-2013, the first 5-year lustrum was celebrated with Jens Van den Broeck as president.

CenEka grows

After some years with unknown history, some friends decided to boost CenEka with a fresh board of 8 member with president Achim Vandierendonck.

Thanks to this enthousiastic board, CenEka grew faster and the famous CenEkaramba and Breakpoint parties were born. Also, CenEka supported the WVK with its own run team in 16-17. With excellent PR to companies bedrijven, CenEka connected with sponsors allowing to think bigger. Also, thanks to good PR to other associations, CenEka maintains good relationships with Zeus WPI, VVN and VTK.

10 years CenEka

The board grows to 10 persons and CenEka start to engage more 3rd bachelors to its activities. As a consequence, the next year a board of 14 members was chosen with president Dennis Maes.

First techtrip: destination London

The first techtrip was organised by Willem Himpe and resulted in a huge success. Willem arranges university, company, en cultural visits in London such as visits to Facebook and Twitter.

Foundation UGent Racing

Despite the corona crisis, CenEka manages to found the UGhent Racing team together with the support of PKarus. More than 50 enthousiastic students of different disciplines will work on this promising project with team captain and CenEka-president Yarne De Munck.


VAT CenEka vzw - BTW BE0682.969.773

Registered office - Hoveniersberg 24, 9000 Gent

For urgent matters you can call:

Robbe Keppens - +32 492 31 53 47
Daan De Bolster - +32 484 87 58 00